Graded Care Profile

Graded Care Profile

The Graded Care Profile – ‘A Tool for the Multi Agency Assessment of Neglect ‘.... can be completed by all agencies working with families where neglect is an issue. For optimum effectiveness to ensure early detection of neglect and then provide appropriate action to safeguard welfare and development. The Graded Care profile should be used in the following areas:

 Early intervention / Children in Need

  1. Family Support
  2. Child Protection
  3. Looked After Children

‘In all these areas, professionals must be aware that where scores do not improve, or where they decline, a Child Protection intervention should be considered. In addition, professional judgement should determine cases that should immediately proceed to Child Protection Management’.

Sefton LSCB is delivering training in the Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2), if you would like more information please contact Sefton LSCB Learning & Development Officer on Tel. 0151 934 3362.


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