Early Help Strategy

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Early Help in Sefton is extremely important and we wish to work with organisations and communities in ensuring that children and young people receive appropriate and early support so that they can continue to aspire, achieve and become happy, healthy and resilient adults.

Sefton has a good offer of Early Help which means that families get help when they first need it. The Early Help services are well coordinated and meet a range of needs and are closely aligned to Children’s Social Care. This is reinforced by a large and vibrant voluntary, community and faith sector which supports local and creative solutions for the communities they support.

Most children are supported by our universal services such as GPs, schools and social/leisure organisations however a minority need short term support. Our Early Help Teams provide short term support for children with additional needs and this in most cases avoids the need for long term involvement from our statutory agencies eg Children’s Social Care or Youth Offending Team.

Sefton MBC has so far led our Early Help Strategy which has been supported well by its partners. This Integrated Early Help Strategy takes this work to another level by embedding Early Help approaches throughout its front line practice including and strong resilient communities.

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