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Learning from Reviews

Child protection is a complex multi-agency system with many different organisations and individuals playing their part. Reflecting on how well that system is working is critical as we constantly seek to improve our collective response to children and their families.

Sometimes a child suffers a serious injury or death as a result of child abuse or neglect. Understanding not only what happened but also why things happened as they did, can help to improve our response in the future. Understanding the impact that the actions of different organisations and agencies had on the child’s life, and on the lives of his or her family, and whether or not different approaches or actions may have resulted in a different outcome, is essential to improve our collective knowledge. It is in this way, that we can make good judgments about what might need to change at a local or national level.

Sefton LSCB has a sub group (Practice Review Group) which oversees and quality assures reviews undertaken by the Board, and provides advice on whether the criteria for conducting a review have been met. The sub group has developed local procedures for Serious Case Reviews in conjunction with Working Together to Safeguard Children (DfE).   Any professional or agency may refer a case to the LSCB if the criteria is met for a SCR. The independent chair makes the decision of whether to initiate a SCR. 

Practice Review Group (PRG) has a statutory function in deciding whether or not cases should be reviewed and considering whether there are lessons to be learnt about the ways in which agencies work together to safeguard children, and ensuring that ultimately, this learning improves practice. The PRG is responsible for producing reports in relation to cases considered and the decision making process. The Panel’s overall function is to improve inter-agency working.  Any case can be referred to PRG where an agency feels that multi-agency learning can be extracted or a case where good practice has been identified.  To refer a case to PRG complete the referral form contained in appendix 1 of the Reflective Review Procedure used by the Practice Review Group (PRG). Additional information and guidance in relation to reviews can be found in Working Together to Safeguard Children (DfE).
Sefton LSCB has published the following Serious Case Reviews (SCRs):
October 2019
Serious Case Review (SCR) - MATILDA
Click to access the SCR Report
See Sefton LSCB 7 minute briefing highlighting the learning from the SCR (MATILDA)


April 2019

Serious Case Review (SCR) JANET

Click to access the SCR Report

See Sefton LSCB 7 minute briefing highlighting the learning from the SCR (JANET)


March 2019

Serious Case Review (SCR) CHARLIE

Click to access the SCR Report and also an Executive Summary is available

See Sefton LSCB 7 minute briefing highlighting the learning from the SCR (CHARLIE)


July 2018

Serious Case Review (SCR) MARTHA, MARY & BEN

Click here to access the SCR report.

Sefton LSCB 7 minute briefing highlighting the learning from the SCR (MARTHA, MARY & BEN)



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